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There continues to be a buzz around digital marketing, and for good reason. Marketing your business these days needs to include a digital strategy, regardless of the platform you choose. That said, putting your trust in a digital marketing agency in Montreal is the ideal way to take advantage of the ever expanding digital world. 

Website Design & Development

If you’re in business, regardless of the industry or market location, a website is an absolute must. A company website serves as your interactive “online business brochure.” Your website can do many things including harvesting leads, give your clients information and updates, and even offer them live, one on one engagement. 

For those who have never had a website before, some of the above may seem pretty incredible. These days, it’s almost par for the course. Now  more than ever, consumers want real-time access to their product and service providers. A website is your first step to giving your audience what they want. 

Kanguru Digital Agency has over 15 years experience creating websites for small to large scale enterprises. We have also created websites for companies that are publicly traded, like our long-time clients Loop Industries. Below is a section snapshot of their current website. 

Logo & Brand Identity

Even before developing your website, you need sold branding, including a clean, professional logo. If your website is an interactive digital brochure, then your logo is your digital face. 

Your branding needs to be clean and continuous, while your logo hits the mark on all eye catching aspects. Choosing the right colors, shapes and formatting are all very important aspects to achieving a professional, long-lasting logo. 

Here are a few logo samples from our own Kevin Houle, that have garnered acclaim for our digital marketing agency in Montreal.

logo design montreal
By: Kevin Houle (Kanguru Digital Agency)

Digital Marketing Strategy

Being creative yet data-driven with a digital marketing strategy is often challenging. In the end, meeting all the meta criteria is important, but bridging the gap into real, relatable stories is crucial.

A Digital Marketing Agency in Montreal can help you achieve new levels of success. With relevant and city-specific expertise in website design, web development, SEO, PPC, the sky is the limit!

Our sister company SEO Troop handles all our SEO & PPC efforts. Our client Motovan was no exception. They have seen a significant boost in brand awareness, visibility and ultimately sales, throughout their digital journey with us. Their e-commerce store hosts a wide variety of parts & accessories for the powersports enthusiast.

From targeted PPC ads via Google Ads to SEO optimization, our digital partnership with Motovan continues to build.

digital marketing montreal

On the other hand, our client Emballage EDR has a lead-focused digital marketing strategy. Knowing your goal is important and when Emballage EDR came to us, they knew exactly what they wanted.

We created a PPC campaign via Google Ads, targeted to to businesses who were in the market for their wholesale products.

Today, Emballage EDR has double digit leads every month. This was possible because of their dedication, focus and the awareness of knowing their target customer and the results they wanted to achieve. 

On the back of that, we created and built a very specific and targeted paid marketing campaign that drove relevant leads quickly.

digital marketing montreal

Digital Marketing Montreal | Your Digital Partner Is Here

Kanguru Digital Agency has been in the digital marketing industry in Montreal for 15 years. We have Montreal-specific, digital marketing experience to take your business to the next level.

We also offer Montreal SEO and Toronto SEO via our digital marketing division: SEO Troop!
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