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I know what you’re thinking; “trends are subjective.” We agree. For us, trends are more of a learning tool than they are a list of things to be followed. Web design in Montreal has historically been polarizing.

Some 2021 designers use very modern creative techniques, while others prefer a more traditional approach. In this blog, we’ll discuss some web design trends for 2021.

Scrolling Transformations

Scrolling transformations are animations and/or transitions that are triggered by a user scrolling to a certain section of your web page. This eye catching design technique was brilliantly used by Dockyard Social.

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Source: Webflow Blog

Why use scroll triggered animation?

Using scrolling transformations are a great way to:

  • Highlight a call-to-action, a special offer, or even the next step in a process
  • Tell a story in a more natural, flowing way
  • Get faster page loading times (always a good thing for search engine optimization)
  • Make a quick impact with a website visitor

Scrolling transformation & animations make your website stand out while helping to guide your visitors through your story, and ultimately, to have them take a preferred action on your website.

Inertial Scrolling Effect / Parallax Scrolling

Inertial scrolling or parallax scrolling is a design technique where images in the background move more slowly than images in the foreground, creating a depth of field. A great example of this is showcased on Firewatch, a website dedicated to the video game of the same name.

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Source: Adobe XD

Why use parallax scrolling?

Parallax scrolling encourages your website visitors to:

  • Take an “active role” on your website, making them more receptive to your story
  • Stay on your website longer
  • Potentially talk about your website with friends and acquaintances
  • Maintain the feeling of professionalism and creativity from your website’s experience

Using too much inertial scrolling and/or parallax scrolling can have negative effects on your audience too. For example, users that are not very knowledgeable in the website tech space may find your website experience too complicated. As with all creative design, know your audience well and cater your website’s user experience and design to them.

Mouse Pointer / Cursor Effects

Even the smallest effect can largely alter your website’s design. Case and point: mouse pointer/cursor effects. The goal of this effect is to make it easier for the user to see more details, get information and even save space, making information visible in creative ways. 

Seen below is a great example by Vipping.

web design montreal
Source: Medium

Abstract Illustrations

Using abstract illustration in your web design elements can create artistic depth to your website without being intrusive. It also creates freedom in assigning a particular meaning to each illustration. Additionally, your abstract illustrations can easily transfer over to your graphic design efforts, your company’s branding and more. 

Kanguru’s Kevin Houle, Lead UI/UX architect, has created and implemented abstract illusions across Kanguru Digital Agency’s website during its recent rebranding.

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Serif & Retro Fonts

Sans serif fonts we’re a go-to for the majority of web designers throughout the years. They’re simple, clean and easy to read. As technology advances in leaps and bounds, the screens on our devices are becoming better and better.

Serif Font Example

As seen in the example below, ferdu.be uses Noe Display for their title text on their hero image. Not only does it fit perfectly with the design, it’s also very legible and adds to that clean look.

web design montreal
Source: Elementor

Retro Font Example

Retro fonts have been making a huge splash with 2021 web designers. These retro fonts often remind us of the 70’s and 80’s. The retro typefaces will be the choice for many website landing pages who want to capture the visitors attention and develop continuity with the “groovy” company branding. Another reason that these fonts are gaining popularity is their organic, hand drawn feel as seen in the examples below.

Lottie Animations

A Lottie animation is a JSON-based animation format that you can use on a variety of platforms. These are small, they work on any device and they can be scaled up or down without worry of pixelation. 

The best part? They don’t require any coding know-how! I found a great article on Lottie animations on Medium – check it out here. The video below shows some great example of Lottie animations with vector graphics. Definitely worth a watch.

By: Netrix
Source: Medium


“Scrollytelling” turns a longform story into an immersive, interactive experience. It’s a little like some of the main rides at Disney where you watch and listen as the story unfolds in front of your eyes.

The benefit of scrollytelling is that it keeps the reader engaged to read more, and helps you create a digital environment that tells compelling stories.

A great example of this is displayed by the NY Times in their project entitled Snowfall, which tells the story of a team of climbers who experience an avalanche at Tunnel Creek.

Montreal Web Design Trends 2021 | Conclusion

Web development and web design in Montreal is thriving more than ever. Though this article has given you some website design trends for 2021, they’re only the tip of the iceberg. From using the right color palettes and color schemes to adapting for flat design and dark mode, learning how to best tell a compelling story remains the backbone of all design. For more tips, tricks and trends, make sure to check out more blog posts here.

If you have a small business, or even a large sized corporation, your audience wants to know your story if they are going to become loyal to your brand, services and/or products.

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